DHSMs (Dedicated Hardware Security Module) serve as invincible shields protecting digital assets via physical unclonable and tamper-evident key management, high-speed AES encryption, ECC digital signature and PKI-based certification, elaborated to fulfill profitable and cost-efficient applications, such as IoT authentication, servers’database encryption, time-stamping, firmware and software protection, hierarchical deterministic wallets, blockchain, etc.

    These cryptographic operations concur with countermeasures against differential power analysis (DPA), ensuring seamless integration among cryptographic and application layers. Besides, the secure element meets requirements of Common Criteria EAL 5+, guaranteeing military-standard protection.

Trustworthy Computing and Signing Platform for Blockchain

Blockchain use cases involve digital signature, hashing, Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) keys, among which private keys are used to transfer money from one account to another account. That is to say, if someone gets a user’s private key, he can transfer all the user’s money to his own account. Common targets are no other than financial institutions like banks, digital currency exchanges, etc. In view of threats, DHSMs not only provide a military-standard storage for private keys but also streamline key management, accelerate crypto-graphic computation and customizable extensive applications.

Fulfillment of IoT Authentication & Secure Communication

In light of vulnerabilities dwelling among mutual authentication, cryptographic schemes should be adopted to ward off unauthenticated access. At this point, DHSMs can protect the server from unauthorized access via PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), encrypt transmitted data, secure firmware update, invalidate any attempt to appropriate devices.

Great Strides Made to Secure Mobile Payment and Transaction

During mobile payment, TSM (Trusted Security Management) plays a vital role in serving users in a leak-proof manner.  Users’ personal information, transaction records, confidential data should steer clear of any possibility of exposure to malicious users. Therefore, security mechanism becomes a determining factor in to what extent we can fulfill security goals, generally comprising integrity preserving, confidentiality protecting and availability promoting for authorized users.

DHSMs can fulfill a series of cloud-based security functions, including encrypting database, deriving keys in different scenarios, ensuring the integrity of transaction records, launching secure connections between devices and clouds, etc. Secret parameters are stored in a military-standard secure element, and if there’s any external intrusion, a self-destructive mode will be triggered, making sure they won’t be appropriated.

  • Dimensions
    Low Profile PCIe Card
  • Temperature
    Operation 0°C to 60°C
  • Host Interface
    PCI-Express Gen 2 x 4 Lane
  • OS Support
  • Performance
    AES 256 CTR: 8Gbps
    AES 256 XTS: 8Gbps
    Disk Encryption: 1GB/s
    File Encryption: 1GB/s
  • Asymmetric
    RSA (1024-2048)
    Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECDSA,ECDH, ECIES) with named and user-defined curves
    AES 256 (XTS, CTR, CBC, ECB)
  • Hash/Message Digest
    SHA-2, SHA-3, HMAC
  • Random Number Generation
    TRNG (AIS-31 Certified)
    DRBG (SP800-90)
  • Security
    DPA countermeasures
    Reset Button
    Physical Security Design
    CC EAL 5 + Security Chip


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