Our vision


"Protecting with Professionalism and Creativity"


     In light of the rising awareness of IT security, its market demand becomes higher and higher. Small as the market In Taiwan is, its electronics industry value chains play a decisive role in the international ICT markets That is the reason why we choose to set our company  in Taiwan ----- the fact that we take the geographic advantage of Taiwan with its dense electronics companies that target the whole global markets. By doing so, we believe one day our clients will be widespread around the world.


How do we gain profits?


     Strongly motivated by a sense of mission, we provide “security service” for our clients, implementing security mechanism for their digital assets. Then we charge them service fees in accordance to their retail margin. (Taking products’ prices and sales volumes into account) This sort of service is doubtless one-of-a-kind in Taiwan.


     To justify our professionalism and specialties, we not merely add secure elements, but we also establish corresponding countermeasures through risk assessment, the analysis of threats and vulnerabilities. By doing so, a robust security plan can fruitfully lower clients’ risk and build up well-conditioned subsystems. Furthermore, in the procedures mentioned above, we put emphasis on management process and residual risk allocation in order to obtain the equilibrium between risk and cost.


     Our accumulated experiences result in an one-of-a-kind service mode, ESAA ( Embedded Security Adaption Approach), in which we help clients make good use of IT security products. This kind of service mode features standardized operating procedures, enabling clients to manage IT risk at a reasonable cost. In addition to engagement in the security of clients’ end products, we also participate in production processes, the security-related parts of which are streamlined and optimized in the most cost effective manner possible. By doing so, we can ward off vulnerabilities, excessive operating or management cost, and also poor efficiency within production processes.


Accordingly, IKV is a unique company.


  • Keep track of clients’ security design, production and product lifecycle
  • Attribute our success to clients’ success


This is why we are so different!






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