Two kinds of clients turn to us for help; they are either 


  • successful businessmen, who with increasing popularity become the target of hackers, 
  • or high-end OEMs, who have urgent requirements for security.


     They all ask for professional security solutions. What is worth mentioning is that our services galvanize them into valuing the importance of security and being more aware of threats and risk. They eventually become our long-term partners whose security management is supervised by IKV.


Embedded hardware (security chips) ecosystem architecture (Illustration)


     Since we understand the architecture of embedded device ecosystems, we help clients make clear of their need for security and provide professional security solutions.


Embedded hardware (security chips) ecosystem architecture



Our clients


     Our clients are companies from all areas of the electronics industry as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations. 


  • Taiwan's principal gaming machine brands
  • Digital content providers
  • Mobile phone and encrypted communication software
  • CNC equipment
  • Automation & control gear design
  • Military communication systems


Our products


     Our products include hardware, cryptographic algorithms, key management and secure administration mechanisms.


The main types of products are:


  • Cryptographic chips: security chip, secure element, silicon IP
  • Hardware-based security modules: USB authentication tokens (uToken), USB OTP (One Time Password) tokens, ISO-7816/SIM-sized OTP generators, FAT/FAT32 encryption modules, dynamic password authentication (HOTP) module, PCI-E high-speed security module, MicroSD encryption card, Fusion USB security module 
  • Software protection: Windows & Linux access control
  • Firmware protection: Secure Update Service (SUS)
  • Bitcoin wallet: BCSE (Bitcoin Secure Element)
  • Hardware-based security programs for the Internet of Things (IoT)



     Along with products we additionally offer standardized implementation services and consulting. The complexity of the service is determined by clients’ knowledge in the field of embedded systems and security industry.


  • ESAA (Embedded Security Adaption Approach)
  • Security system design, implementation and service





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