Our specialties are cryptographic algorithms as well as hardware and software design for embedded systems. Through years of research, experiences and interaction with clients, our team has acquired special knowledge and skills that make us stand out among the ICT peers. Typically, technicians pursue speed, stability, energy efficiency and user-friendliness, we additionally factor security into the equation, without compromising prerequisite conditions mentioned above. To meet this challenge, we have to cultivate a thorough understanding of technology, production processes, and especially potential attacks. 


The fields of our expertise include:

Cryptographic algorithms

  • Implementation
  • Security analysis
  • Key establishments
  • PKC (Public Key Cryptography) operations

Chip protection

  • Real security threats and mitigation tactics
  • Side-channel attacks

Embedded system security standards

  • Design-stage security analysis
  • Security policy planning
  • Key management

Mass-production security

  • Security analysis of production procedures
  • Device identity management
  • Device life cycle management

Micro-controller security

  • Crypto algorithm libraries
  • Basic security libraries
  • Security protocol design and implementations
  • Embedded firmware and driver design


     To build a robust and secure system, a strict reviewing process is crucial. We thus follow the ISO-9001 PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) principle to guarantee high-quality services. Adjusted to the field of security engineering, the PDCA cycle encompasses the following elements:

  • Implementation
  • Quality testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Incident response
  • Revision



Unlike typical software engineering, we particularly focus on


  1. Penetration Test
  2. Incident Response


     In the first one, we examine the potential loophole in implementation from hackers’ point of view in order to monitor the security of clients’ products even after transaction.


     In the second one, we keep track of changes in the security industry, updating our strategies against algorithmic flaws, OS weakness and potential threats, executing timely response to incidents.  






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