Security chip


     IKV collaborates with world-known manufacturer, Infineon, to resell and develop the finest security chips. 





 Hardware Security modules


     We help our clients design and develop various hardware security modules to meet their needs for authentication, key management and encryption, 


  • One Time Password (OTP) tokens
  • USB encryption devices 
  • Cryptographic modules for communication devices 
  • Software & firmware protection


     We offer a series of products to protect your programs and data on many architectures including PC architectures, mobile devices, as well as OS-less embedded devices. 


These include:

  • Application & Content Protection (ACP)
  • SUS (Secure Update Service)


     ACP can efficiently protect your data from being stolen. It seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, strengthens data protection and authentication, restricting unauthorized access without excessive cost.


     SUS can encrypt the firmware of embedded devices that possess basic protection measures. There is no need to worry about intellectual property on your devices, even on Non-Volatile Memory or SD/MMC cards.


Bitcoin wallet


     We have launched a Bitcoin wallet called BCSE (BitCoin Secure Element) based on our extensive experiences with chip firmware and cryptographic algorithms, The BCSE uses a cryptography chip to perform Bitcoin's signature algorithm (ECDSA) and functions as a virtual wallet.




     IKV offers various security solutions, including:

  • Security design for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Key management system




IKV's security technology makes me feel safe

When a mole stole firmware from us on one occasion, our company was caused immense losses. Thanks to IKV's Firmware Protection Solution, we need to worry about neither moles nor hackers anymore.

CEO of a Drive Control System Manufacturer

Investment in security technology actually helped us reduce our expenses

As IKV's security solutions suggested, we migrated to a Linux based system due to security concerns. Later it turned out that this actually reduced our overall expenses by 20 percents.

RD Manager of an Arcade Gaming Machine Manufacturer


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