The hardware security chips we provide:


  1. Security Chip / Secure Element
  2. Silicon IP


Security Chip/Secure element


     Qualified security chips or secure MCU are


  • Manufactured by world-known companies (Ex.Infineon, NXP...) 

     Security chips own many patents, including cryptographic algorithm, tamper resistant, secure COS and sensors that detect intrusive and non-intrusive attacks. Though many companies buy intellectual property and make a SOC that equals security chips in equality, it turns out that the cost is several times higher than gains


  • Installed with an accelerator of cryptographic algorithm and safe storage spaces
  1. The absence of accelerators lead to poor performance in the encrypting process since cryptographic algorithm usually involves “big number” computing.
  2. Storage spaces are likewise very important, especially for cryptography keys and confidential information.
  3. The accelerators function only in the secure areas of chips.


  • Equipped with the capacity of detecting and resisting intrusion

     Means of intrusion vary with hackers’ tricks improving. Without appropriate design and implementation, devices will be attacked within seconds once vulnerabilities are exposed. ( Example : EasyCard )


  • The channel is directly controlled by the original manufacturer, so there is no access to it in the market like DigiKey or Mouser

     The market for security chips usually involves export control; only by NDA and certification can the access be obtained, and regular inspection is also needed.


  • Having international certificates


  1. FIPS 140-2 Validation Certificate 
  2. ISO 15408 certification


     These two mainstream certificates cost considerably high, from hundreds of thousands of US dollars to millions.




     The market for security chips is very challenging; for manufacturers, precautious and countermeasures are in any time needed to satisfy clients’ requirements in this ever changing world, so our skills should always catch up with hackers’ latest tactics.


     Besides internationally accredited security chips, we also localize and customize our services (risk assessment, cost benefit analysis CBA and penetration test )


     IKV collaborates with world-known manufacturer, Infineon, to resell and develop the finest security chips. 




Silicon IP

     We develop our own cryptographic algorithms, offered in the form of IP for clients. 

Now we are working on:

  • SHA2
  • DES/3DES
  • AES
  • ECDH




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