Our iBadge Device Identity Management uses a strong cryptographic authentication chip of low unit cost and offers a cloud-based platform for authentication and management. Based on this solid foundation, vendors and service providers can thus alleviate worries about security.



     Devices equipped with the iBadge Device Identity Management system possess the following capabilities:


  • No manual work is required during the production process
  • A unique chip identifier and authentication key
  • No need for complicated cryptographic algorithms in the firmware
  • Device management via web-browser or smart-phone app
  • Easy management of device ID and other data, through our back-end module



     The iBadge Device Identity Management system facilitates:


  • Device authentication
  • Controlled device updates
  • Inter-device communications
  • Counterfeit protection


     Special features of the iBadge Device Identity Management system:

  • The unique identifier and cryptographic key are burned into the device during packaging and testing
  • Strong authentication using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Flexible control agent, fit for all kinds of devices
  • After each successful authentication, a unique session key is generated
  • We offer support for the server side, including authentication libraries and a ready-to-use cloud-based web-service, device ID databases, device and server HTTP interfaces and an API for device management.


     We also offer a complete iBadge system with integrated Wi-Fi, to further reduce the integration effort necessary for our customers. Currently we are working on integrating our products with manufacturers of other 2.4G/PAN (BLE, ZigBee,...) communication modules.



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