The fast-paced development of technology’s renovated the way we interact with machines. Not merely are human beings at the helm of machines, machines are now communicating with each other without human interference. However, as we’re prone to leak confidential information, how to assure devices won’t follow in our footsteps is integral to the networking process. Hence, the IoT security’s an issue we should not underestimate.


The concept of iBadge USB token fulfills security features in M2M with the USB interface. With the built-in iBadge security chip, from encryption, authentication, verification to other extended abilities of which the government, organizations and tech companies have already taken advantage, users are able to encrypt and authenticate sensitive or patent-related information on IoT devices, mobile phones, computers, servers and clouds.




Activating Authentication between Devices and Servers 

  • The unique identifier and cryptographic keys are burned into the chip during packaging. It’s also equipped with strong asymmetric cryptography with ECC 163-bit key length and 3.5 kBbit user NVM for authentication. Only the given device plugged with the iBadge USB token is granted authorization to access the other end.


Encrypting Data to Ward off any Possibility of Eavesdropping

  • Software inside the USB token implements the AES cryptographic algorithm, supporting ECB, CBC, CTR, CFB  and OFB operation modes. It encrypts data into ciphers and alleviate vulnerabilities in the face of any kind of attack.



 iBadge USB Token White Paper





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