IoT Security

When you start to take the wind of the IoT, you know only if the security is firmly erected can this state-of-the-art technique wield its magic power in business, medical care, industrial logistics, mobile payment, appliances and autos. That is to say, even though you have the most advanced, the most far-fetched IoT connection technique or perhaps you can even connect the whole universe together, tracing the little drop of water flowing on the surface of Mars via your iPhone, without security assurance, nothing is achievable.To be frank, it's cruel, but it's true, an ugly fact.

Over recent years, several incidents of IoT invasion, appropriation and attacks were on the rise. For example,

  • The security of Internet-connected baby monitors got a failing grade from researchers who found critical vulnerabilities in all nine of the models they reviewed.
  • A security vulnerability in BMW’s Connected Drive system allowed researchers to imitate BMW servers and send remote unlocking instructions to vehicles.
  • Months before its technology became the centerpiece of Samsung’s new mobile payment system, LoopPay, a small Massachusetts subsidiary of the South Korean electronics giant, was the target of a sophisticated attack by a group of government-affiliated Chinese hackers.


Types of vulnerabilities 

It is said that the trio threat, vulnerability and risk are three integral elements to a successful hacking. In other words, without either of them, your digital assets won't be broken into. For us, we capitalize our professional expertise in the field of cryptographic algorithms so as to build an unbreakable shelter for any kind of users. According to international IoT security analysis, the types of vulnerabilities exposed are as follows:

  • Improper saving, downloading, uploading and browsing.
  • The lack of strict and full-scale security mechanism.
  • Poor authentication and verification process
  • Default account and password.


WiFi Module with iBadge Solution   

In light of the conditions mentioned above, the Ikv-tech launches WiFi Module with iBadge Solution.  

  • The W122A WiFi module features low energy and meets IEEE802.11b/g/n  WLAN  standards. With  a  variety  of protocols  to use, W122A  WiFi  modules  make  it  easier, more  convenient  and  faster  to  connect  ends  in  the Internet of Things.
  • W122A  adopts  Qualcomm’s  Atheros  QCA4004  single-chip solution, enabling the hardware and software to run in a low-energy manner.  Since the module  also  provides robust  and  complete  serial  interfaces,  the  connection between  mobile  phones  and IoT  devices  become  user-friendly.

The W122A  WiFi  module  with  the  iBadge  security solution  helps  you  take  the  wind  of  this  trend and  serves  as  the  best  choice with  the  best security,  the  optimized  gains  and  lowest maintenance costs.


W122A Plus iBadge White Paper




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