KVSoftKey for Software-based Encryption


The need for efficiency and the will to overcome impediments caused by time and space have brought about technological breakthrough in AIoT, peripheral computing and virtual machine deployment, which contribute to IT network expansion around the globe.

As individuals are closely connected than ever, the growing number of endpoints require stronger foundations of trust, secure communication, identification, and authentication.

KVSoftKey features a hardware root of trust that is generated via SRAM PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) technology. It provides eclectic cryptographic services reducing customers’ costs and efforts, allowing customers to deploy endpoints without tedious configuration.

From intellectual property protection, digital rights management, IoT, communication, payments, to automobile, KVSoftKey ushers in an era of revolutionary security mechanisms, meeting requirements for time-to-market and cost-efficient mass production.


Key Features

Innate uniqueness

An internally generated unique identity with no need for a costly security-dedicated silicon

Install anywhere anywhen

It can be installed later in the supply chain, and even remotely retrofitted on deployed devices 

Invincible root of trust

The hardware root of trust effectively thwarts malicious attempts to extract cryptographic keys

Scalability and extensibility 

The software-based platform enables customers to scale their system to billions of devices 



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