Are your digital assets safe?


     The digitization of enterprise data has become the mainstream in the IT field. All the information such as enterprises’ financial data, clients’ information, research results, invaluable knowledge bases can be easily searched, modified, transmitted, and stored. However, what follows are those intruders, information leaks, unwarranted modification or even deletion. One way or another, threats put enterprises into jeopardy.


     Fortunately, there is Application & Content Protection (ACP). This security solution aims to help those in need but without astronomical sums of capitals to enhance IT security in the face of adverse impacts of risks and deteriorating IT environments. It applies to IT systems like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and knowledge products like electronic galleries, e-books, digital textbooks and so on.


You need more than just security!


     The picture illustrates the seamless integration of ACP with business value and technical value. Following the implementation of ACP, precious contents can still be tapped into by client users while added with highly intensified ACP encryption and advanced authentication. 




  • Seamless integration


     ACP Wizard dramatically upgrades the security of original systems in a few simple steps, preventing threats from copying, appropriating and even skimming. In addition, the patent transparent real-time encryption engine exceptionally encrypts data within the operating system, leaving threats that exploit apps’ vulnerabilities ignorant of multilayer protection ACP has executed onto the OS.


  • Multiple Identity Authentication Modes 

     (Evaluated according to budgets and requirements)


  1. Software mode: Lowest cost, invalid and failed copy.
  2. Smart Card mode:high cost, card readers required, robust authentication mechanism in the IT field
  3. USB Key mode:Moderate cost, less secure than the Smart Card mode.


  • Hardware Environment Forensic Technique


     This technique wards off illegal copy since ACP is able to identify the features of any hardware environment and generates encryption keys based on the computation of hardware messages. Any attempt to copy will fail even with an identical hard drive where the applications are expected to function.



ACP Product


  • ACP for windows
  1. VDP, Virtual Drive Protection
  2. VDP-R, VDP Recordable


  • ACP for Linux
  1. LED, Linux Encryption Drive
  2. Linux applications and content protection in OEM model


ACP Specification


  • Loadable windows driver module (Linux v2.6, WinXP,2003,Vista,XPE,Win7)‏
  • Running above physical Ext2/Ext3/NTFS file-system partition
  • Real-time encryption of raw sectors
  • Support token as key storage
  • Locked by host or by key token
  • Cryptographic algorithms: T-DES/DES, AES, RC5, and Cast
  • Provide application authorization
  • Protect application from memory dump  cracking ***
  • Cipher shell tool to protect application run-time memory
  • License management






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