We offer a wide range of security solutions as the following:


  1. IoT security design
  2. Public key infrastructure
  3. Key management systems
  4. Security Chip Integration


  • IoT Security Design


     90% of the IoT devices work without any security mechanism, or with jeopardizing vulnerabilities, which means the hackers can control the devices easily and have access to the unauthorized data for crime activities.


     Our iBadge Device Identity Management uses a strong cryptographic authentication chip of low unit cost and offers a cloud-based platform for authentication and management. Based on this solid foundation, vendors and service providers can thus alleviate worries about security.


  • Public Key Infrastructure


     We have comprehensive experiences of PKI applications, from windows and thin-client smart card log-on, deep to CA design, configuration and management.


  • Key Management system


     We have designed and built KMS systems for Telecommunication OTA service, and for merchant POS e-Purse system. The KMS provides the key lifecycle management, key update and online authentication services.


  • Security Chip Integration


     We design cryptographic infrastructures for various systems, integrating military-grade security chips into PCI-E cards, USB tokens, MicroSD cards and so on. By doing so, we fulfill subsystem-level security digital protection.





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