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Business Model

Over the past several years, embedded security has long been neglected. Now propelled by the trend of digital convergence, demand for cryptography-based data protection has been growing. We believe it is an enormous market in urgent need of security. Our mission is to build the “root of trust” on reliable hardware-based platforms to secure privacy and digital assets.

Small as the market In Taiwan is, the value chain of its electronics industry play a decisive role in global ICT markets. That is the reason why we choose to set our company in Taiwan; we take the geographic advantage of Taiwan with its dense electronics companies that target global markets. We believe our clients will be widespread around the world.

To build the “root of trust” on reliable hardware-based platforms to secure privacy and digital assets.

Strongly motivated by a sense of mission, we provide “security service” for our clients, implementing security mechanism to secure digital assets. We charge clients service fees in accordance with their retail margin and take products’ prices and sales volumes into account. The business model is one-of-a-kind in Taiwan.

To provide solutions with heightened security, besides integration of secure elements, we build up corresponding countermeasures through risk assessment and analysis of threat and vulnerability. The robust security can fruitfully lower clients’ risk and fulfill well-conditioned subsystems. Furthermore, with the approach mentioned above, we lay emphasis on management process and residual risk allocation in order to address risk at a reasonable cost.

Our accumulated experiences bring forth an one-of-a-kind service mode, ESAA (Embedded Security Adaption Approach), in which we help clients make the fullest possible use of security solutions. The service mode features standardized operating procedures, enabling clients to manage risk at a reasonable cost. In addition to engagement in the security of clients’ end products, we also streamline and optimize clients' security design, production and product lifecycle in the most cost effective manner possible. With ESAA, we are able to ward off vulnerabilities, excessive operating or management cost, and also poor efficiency within production process. After all, clients' success is our success.

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