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Cryptographic Expertise

IKV-Tech specializes in self-implemented cryptographic algorithms and key management. We embody security based on cryptography in various platforms, enabling adaptable security mechanisms for diverse applications and environments. 

Threat analysis

Prior to tailor-made security solutions, we analyze customers' system-level environments, confirming possible threats, assessing potential risks and then design correspondent solutions to protect their digital assets.

Holistic Countermeasure

Our engineering team has delved into the know-how of hardware attacks, according to which we develop security mechanisms for preemptive defense. 

InfoKeyVault Technology

InfoKeyVault Technology (IKV-Tech) is a service company in embedded security, also an independent design house (IDH) for security solutions from the global chip vendor, Infineon. Our mission is to build the “root of trust” on reliable hardware-based platforms to secure your privacy and digital assets.

IKV-Tech specializes in self-implemented cryptographic algorithms and the best practices of key management throughout the product lifecycle. We provide a holistic hardware-based solution by examining customers' threat modeling and potential risks. Given reliable risk assessment, we tailor security mechanisms to protect customers' digital assets in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner.

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Secure Connected Infrastructure

Identification, authentication and secure data transmission in connected infrastructures, such as smart factories, data centers, etc

Automobile Security

Unique identification codes and other cryptographic implementations on automobile components, infotainment systems, ECUs, sensors, etc

Cloud-based Security

Cloud data protection and authentication against client-side devices in a variety of scenarios to guard digital assets

Secure Communication

Tailor-made secure messaging service that encrypts communication on any platforms, including mobile devices, servers, etc

Digital Right Management

Integration of security solution with hardware platforms grants every component a unique ID and ability to encrypt, securely store, and verify data

Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Customizing cryptocurrency hardware wallets that securely store private keys used to sign transaction, including specialized algorithms for blockchain






Hardware-based cryptographic implementation requires specialties in mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science. Mastery in these fields enables us to provide tailor-made algorithms and to implement them adaptably.



Whether it is data in transit or at rest, master keys, encryption keys and others should be thoroughly attended to in case of leakage. We manage cryptographic keys in a manner that complies with NIST SP 800-57/130, elucidating possible threats to our customers.



In the era of digitization and pervasive computing, our data are at risk of exposure. We leverage characteristics of hardware and software to protect digital contents, to verify integrity, to resist tampering and counterfeiting, securing customers’ digital assets and business.



Security takes effect when assumed attacks are truly imminent. If risks are falsely assumed, security may fail. We keep exploring top-notch hardware attacks and reacts by implementing countermeasures compliant with FIPS and Common Criteria.

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