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Embedded Security Adaptation Approach (ESAA)

The design of embedded security complies with Embedded Security Adaption Approach (ESAA). The concept is built on trinity of vulnerability, threat and risk. Each of the aspects is closely scrutinized so as to tailor a cost-efficient solution for our customers.

The phases of ESAA are as follows.

  1. Pre-gap analysis - introduction of target products, briefing of security requirement, and expected security scope and level
  2. Gap analysis - consultancy of security requirements, confirmation of security objectives, and road map for risk mitigation
  3. Security PS - security NRE development, target integration and consultancy, and PoC plan
  4. Secured App on the go - pilot run and mass production

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

We provide ODM service of security mechanisms. From plan, design and implementation, their security-related products are instilled with robust IKV solutions inside. Here are our successful stories: 

Cryptographic module for voice telecommunication machines

We help clients design cryptographic modules that carry out timely encryption for communication data of either frequency-hopping spread spectrum or constant bandwidth. 

High-performance cryptographic module

We help our clients design the high-speed cryptographic module. The module fits SD/USB interfaces and encrypts information at a high speed.

FIDO2 Security Key ODM Service

Passwordless and multi-factor authentication is on the rise. Enterprises are seeking turnkey solutions to build their own FIDO2 USB Key. We provide FIDO USB ODM service for enterprises to make their own key. 

Standard Procedure of ESAA

ESAA Architecture
ESAA Standard Procedure

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Diverse threats and tailor-made security

Security takes no effect if threats are falsely assumed. We approach potential threats in various user scenarios and tailor solution specified for customers’ environments.

Secure supply chain management

Supply chains of security chips should be adequately managed and monitored as those available online have been proven extremely vulnerable. We import security chips from reputable vendors, Infineon and Microsemi, assuring customers reliable roots of trust.

Security is far more than just chip level security

Security is a system-level issue. Any problem with a voice type may break the overall harmony. We are devoted to building a holistic and system-level security mechanism, which is far beyond just integration of security chips.

Threshold of domain knowledge

Cryptographic implementation has a high mastery threshold. It requires resources from academic or research institutions, years of experience, and restricted access to supply chains.

Success Stories about ODM Products

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