IKV-Tech Collaborates With Intrinsic ID

IKV-Tech officially announces collaboration with Intrinsic ID. We are ready to launch software encryption solution with "hardware-level security". It leaves out integration and assembly involving secure elements, seamlessly applicable to STM32 MCU, expecting to streamline customers' manufacture and reduce its costs.  

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Customer AuthenTrend Won CES Innovation Award

Fingerprint Cold Wallet - Fingerprint matching to access Wallet and transactions, you don’t' need to user unsecure PIN and not-easy-to-type PIN code anymore. With fancy design and integration, AT.Wallet won 2020 CES Innovation Award. 

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitpoint Was Hacked

On July 12, 2019, Tokyo-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint promptly suspended its services after noticing an error in the outgoing funds transfer system. the trading platform had lost around 3.5 billion yen (roughly $32 million) as a result of a security breach.

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     IKV-Tech, founded in August 2006, has protected our clients' digital assets through professionalism and creativity. We specialize in cryptography, security chips, smart-card issuing & applications, key management, device management, security management, hardware security module and so on.

     From hardware components and firmware protection, over data encryption, OS integration, and communications interfaces, to deployment and distribution, we provide clients with the most fitting security solutions and customize a variety of security plans depending on risk assessment.


IKV's security technology makes me feel safe

When a mole stole firmware from us on one occasion, our company was caused immense losses. Thanks to IKV's Firmware Protection Solution, we need to worry about neither moles nor hackers anymore.

CEO of a Drive Control System Manufacturer

Investment in security technology actually helped us reduce our expenses

As IKV's security solutions suggested, we migrated to a Linux based system due to security concerns. Later it turned out that this actually reduced our overall expenses by 20 percents.

RD Manager of an Arcade Gaming Machine Manufacturer


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